What do you get when you combine the experience of a competitive boxer and an competitive body builder and put it in a gym where all members of the public can benefit? That would be Boxing & Barbells! If you want some killer cardio exercise with authentic boxing techniques, while getting your weightlifting workout in, Boxing and Barbells was made for you. We got to talk with co-creator Cary Williams (the boxing half of the equation) and find out just how this unique training form came to be.


What motivated you to create this program?

Besides being a boxer, I’m also an Olympic Level USA Boxing Coach and gym chain owner. I have been creating boxing programs for the past 20 years. My co-founder and partner, Damien Patrick, is an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro with 20 years’ experience in bodybuilding. He’s the creator of the weight training part of B&B.


Man and woman posing in Boxing and Barbells t-shirts


What makes Boxing & Barbells unique?

 Boxing & Barbells is the only group fitness program that offers authentic boxing and weight training combined. The class is timed and not done to the beat of the music, which makes it different than any other group fitness class. There is a COD (Combo of the Day) for each class that is taught and used throughout the class. This ensures that members leave with a sense of accomplishment, not only for the workout but for their ability to learn the combo. Because the class is not dance-based, we’ve found that it appeals to both women and men and offers something new for group fitness!


Woman in gloves posing in a Boxing and Barbells t-shirt


When did it launch?

I already owned a gym in Santa Monica, California, called The Stables. I started working on what you could call a B&B prototype in 2017. I needed weight training to work towards my own personal goals. Damien was my friend, so I asked him to take me through his personal weight training regimen, which I did for two years. I saw my body transform, and a lot of my old injuries from boxing were pain-free. I thought members of Stables would benefit from the program, and I was right – as soon as I took them through my workout, they loved it! I immediately told Damien that we needed to format the program and certify trainers to teach it so that it could spread across the globe. 



What kind of equipment does Boxing & Barbells use?

We have customized gloves that allow members to lift weights without taking them off. These gloves took about a year to develop, and were made to still have enough knuckle padding to hit the punching bag. We also use traditional hand wraps to give members an authentic boxing training experience. We also use punching bags, but if a gym doesn’t have bags yet, the boxing portion of the workout is done with shadowboxing. Some trainers who don’t have bags choose to use focus mitts, instead.



What is Boxing & Barbell’s program mission?

We want to use the B&B method to help people not only get healthy and strong, but to feel strong. The sense of empowerment that comes from the B&B method is unquestionable. These are two timeless sports that engage both the body and the mind. Workouts are tough enough to challenge an athlete but straightforward enough for everyone to learn! We want everyone’s workout to be mentally engaging. When you throw punches with a purpose, you are always engaged!


People wearing gloves training in gym


What are you proudest of about your program?

The B&B program has truly given strength to men and women. To learn boxing, not just pretend to do it, is empowering in and of itself. When you add in the weight training, participants feel physically strong as well. That feeling of strength leads to self-confidence. Adding in the weight training component has also helped members who have knee and shoulder injuries. When you strengthen your legs and your back you take stress off the tendons and ligaments. It is a complete program!

 Learn more about Boxing & Barbells HERE, on their website!