Shane Barnard discovered her “true loves,” movement and fitness, in college, when she began teaching fitness classes as an undergraduate at the University of Oregon. Later, she moved to California where she taught strength training, HIIT, and cardio kickboxing at the University of California Berkeley.  In 2013, Barnard and her business partner Miwa Natsuki launched their first cardio kickboxing course and instructor certification program, Urbankick. In 2019, they launched several more programs, including a new boxing course, UBOX, which brings us to today’s spotlight!


What goals did you have in mind when you created UBOX?

In the late 1990’s, I took classes with Dave Eckstrom, a former Golden Gloves champion. I view UBOX as the return to my first introduction into the art, as well as a natural progression from our first cardio kickboxing program, Urbankick.

I knew that with my experience as an instructor, fitness professional, educator, and program creator, I could create safe, effective and up-to-date instruction in a program that could be easily replicated and taught by fitness professionals. Our goal is to make our fitness boxing course the gold standard for fitness professionals to turn to for continuing education and instruction.


What is the inspiration behind UBOX?

Our passion is in empowering instructors to coach with confidence and share this content and work out their communities using safe and effective techniques.

UBOX is a fitness boxing program for you: for everyone and anyone. We believe anyone can enjoy and reap the health benefits of a boxing workout regardless of their age, gender, or perceived abilities. It is our mission to empower instructors to teach UBOX to a diverse demographic of participants and adapt the workout to ensure people feel successful and can channel their inner champions! Our mission is based on this quote from Arthur Ashe:


“Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.”


This quote embodies the foundation for how we teach and coach. We progress our content of punching combinations and athletic drills and exercises, to ensure the most success.


What kind of feedback has UBOX received?

Here are a couple testimonials from instructors who completed our training:

“It was so fun! I feel empowered to lead others through an incredible workout, and I have been practicing on my own which is helpful and empowering for myself, as well. I was intimidated to hit the bag on my own in the gym and now I feel confident.”
  ~ Sarah Grace


“I had been looking for something and it turned out that UBOX was it! I had never used a bag or wore gloves before. It was fun and challenging. I left training feeling excited and I can't wait to teach.”
~ Leslie Byrd


Boxing can be seem daunting. But with proper instruction and technique, it can also be incredible rewarding. Our goal is to educate our instructors and participants to feel confident in their abilities not only to box with proper form, but to educate and teach others as well.


What makes UBOX unique?

There are four factors that make UBOX unique: It’s adaptable, accessible, progressive and supportive.

It is adaptable to any setting. Our program content can be used as an interval workout with 20 bags and 40 students, or as a circuit training class with 5 bags and 15 participants. It can be used with 1-1 personal training clients or as your own personal workout. Our programming is a perfect fit for small boutique studios, community gyms. and big box gyms alike.

It's accessible. Other than the bags, gloves, and hand wraps, the entire workout can be with or without any other equipment. From an education standpoint, we offer both live and online training courses for the instructors. The live training is a one-day training whereas the online course is 100% self-paced to meet your schedule.

UBOX is taught following our Progression Principle to ensure success for any participant. Our goal is to provide numerous chances for our participants to feel successful in an effort to improve their belief in their ability to box.

Finally, we support our instructors with a full UBOX Instructor Manual, UBOX Class Design Workbook, Online Video Library, Class Designs, Music Resources, Community Support, and Monthly Newsletter.


What gear or equipment is needed in order to start a UBOX program?

Man in white gloves hitting bag with his elbow

We use standard or hanging bags, bag gloves (14 oz and 16 oz gloves are recommended), and hand wraps.


Learn more about UBOX here!