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Imagine someone walking in for the first time and seeing your logo. Not just on the front door that they walk past once, but everywhere – on shirts members are wearing, and apparel in your pro shop. On the equipment they’re using in classes and carrying with them.

Imagine the kind of first impression that makes, and what it would mean for your gym.

We know you’ve put in the hard work to make your studio one-of-a-kind. We’re here to help you show it off, with custom bags, gloves, shirts and more! Gym owners across the country are loving the difference Century customs has made for them, and you will too!

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APRIL 2021



    July 06 2021

    iAmLIFT had almost everything it needed to offer clients the total fitness experience. Personal and group classes? Check. Nutritional guidance? Check. Their website even boasts a podcast, where anyone can go listen for inspiration and advice. The only thing they were missing was custom gear. They went to the one place they knew would measure up to their high standards,...

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    March 31 2021

    Step away from the flashing lights and electronic blaring of the Las Vegas Strip, and you’ll find where the real action is going down: at Evolve Kickboxing & Fitness! This boutique fitness studio offers classes seven days a week, both indoors and outdoors, as well as virtual sessions for those working out from home. Clients rave about the passionate coaches and sweat-dripping, heart-pounding workouts that have made Evolve a...

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