ISCA, the International Sports Conditioning Association, comes with a pretty cool piece of lineage trivia: Its creator made the first-ever boxing-based formatted group exercise program! The man was Thomas “The Promise” Trebotich, a martial artist with a successful boxing and kickboxing career, and a drive to inspire the public to train. The program was called Boxaerobics, but ISCA didn’t stop there. Today, ISCA boasts over 20 certifications, including the latest and first online offering: the Kick Box Exercise Instructor Certification Course. So, that’s what we talked to them about in this interview!


What benefits does the Kick Box Exercise Instructor Certification Course program provide?

With kickboxing fitness-based workouts trending in our industry, we believe that becoming a kickboxing instructor will expand a fitness studio/gym owner’s marketable skills, so they can offer their participants something truly unique in their quest for physical fitness.

Man kicking hanging bag

We know that if you’re a studio owner, balancing your studies with an already busy schedule can be a challenge. This is why we designed a flexible, self-paced video course online, that allows you to study when, where, and how often you'd like!


So, what’s inside the course?

It’s designed to teach fitness-based clients (like studio owners who want a popular group fitness class, or martial arts school owners who want a program to draw in a fitness-oriented crowd) sports-specific athletic movements adapted from traditional martial arts, including boxing and kickboxing.


The program is all about utilizing interval training with the correct work, active rest and recovery duty cycles. You’ll also learn how anatomy and physiology work together to increase cardio fitness, reaction time and even mental acuity. We also demonstrate how to create your own HIIT and bodyweight athletic drills to help participants reach their goals.


What makes ISCA – and this particular program – unique?

For ISCA, we’re the largest certifying body with fitness-based boxing and kickboxing formatted programs. We also have a 30-year legacy of accredited expertise!

We’ve worked hard to create a program that would work for both martial arts schools and traditional fitness gyms – because like our founder Thomas “The Promise” we believe that everyone can benefit from this exercise! We strive to incorporate mechanics of the ring, including footwork, rings movements, punching and kicking techniques, body positioning, and the essential skills and techniques of a competitive kickboxer’s training program. By providing a “ring ambience,” the program will help motivate and stimulate class participants.


What’s ISCA’s mission – what has inspired you for the last 30 years?

Our goal has always been to promote and improve health and fitness through fun, safe, and effective sports specific programs.  We’re here to help the martial arts industry and studio owners generate interest and participation through community education, campaigns, and demonstrations and direct professional education.


What kind of gear and equipment would a gym owner need to start this program?

Our programs can be done with our without equipment – but remember the concept of “ring ambiance” we mentioned earlier? We want to use equipment that caters to that atmosphere: standard boxing hand wraps, gloves, punching mitts, jumps ropes, kicking shields and heavy bags.

Closeup of someone wearing gloves punching a bag

How can your program impact the lives of Century’s members?

We know that being healthy and fit is important to Century’s members.  The ISCA wants to help achieve these goals through fitness-based boxing and kickboxing formatted programs.  Being healthy and fit lets you be your best in martial arts, but you don’t have to be a martial artist to embrace a fitness-oriented lifestyle!  


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