Nearly every martial arts-based fitness program has its roots in authentic martial arts; the creators are often practicing martial artists or have extensive training. This is especially true of Cage Fitness. Cage Fitness was created by 9-time UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes. The workouts are even formatted in rounds, just like a cage fight!

To get more insight on this intense program, Century Kickboxing reached out to Cage Fitness coach and licensing director Nick Peterman.


Give us a brief rundown on what this program offers.

Cage Fitness is a total-body, high-intensity interval training group fitness program developed by a team of martial artists and fitness professionals. Launched globally in 2009, Cage Fitness packages the physical fitness benefits of MMA training into a group fitness format without partners or contact.

Cage Fitness class

What has your role within Cage Fitness been?

I’ve been a martial artist for over 30 years and was involved early on in the development of the Cage Fitness program. After teaching the Cage Fitness program for several years, I became more directly involved with the licensing team in 2017.


How has Cage Fitness changed over the course of its development?

The original goal of the Cage Fitness program was to offer martial arts school owners a group fitness program option that correlates with their core business model while allowing them to capitalize on the much larger fitness market.

Today, in addition to growing the network of Cage Fitness licensed facilities, Cage Fitness is on a mission to expand its reach with an additional focus on the home fitness market. With a fitness app currently being developed for the individual user, Cage Fitness will soon be accessible to those who may not have an officially licensed facility conveniently located near them.


What gear would a gym owner need to start a Cage Fitness program at their own facility?

Gloves laying on a bag

The Cage Fitness program utilizes a patented grappling dummy which includes several specifically positioned handles along the body. These allow for incredible versatility and various exercise functions. This patented training bag comes in two weights: 40 and 25 pounds. Additionally, the program has been designed to also work utilizing resistance bands, medicine balls, or body weight only.


What is a Cage Fitness class like?

People working out in Cage Fitness class

Cage Fitness has the benefits of total body functional strength development, in addition to striking training. It can be modified for all fitness levels. Workouts are structured like a championship MMA bout with five five-minute rounds with one-minute breaks in between. A typical workout consists of the following round types: warm-up round, upper body round, lower body round, combo round, and a core round. Each of the five-minute rounds are made up of either 30-second, 45-second, or 60-second intervals. The high-intensity interval style format of the Cage Fitness workout provides a kick-butt workout in only 30 minutes!


What kind of results have members seen from your program?

In addition to seeing great results, the fun and positive atmosphere of the Cage Fitness program develops a culture that keeps members returning.  Members become like family.

I’m also happy to share some testimonials from our website:

“I lost 30 pounds and dropped 5 dress sizes.”

“100% pure adrenaline.  It has no equal.”

“I lost over 40 pounds in four months and dropped 4 sizes.”

“I lost 34 pounds and dropped 7 pant sizes.”



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