BOB & BOB Jacket Combo



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BOB Jacket gives you a simple and convenient way to add new dimensions to bag training. Practice blocking, parrying, and working around arms for an even more realistic striking experience. The jacket attaches to standard size BOB models with three rear buckles and four hook-and-loop tabs. Made of vinyl and high density polyurethane foam, with reinforced seams. Compatible with original BOB only, does not fit BOB XL.


BOB - Body Opponent Bag is a great partner for sparring techniques or target work. The original BOB is a life-like mannequin with a vinyl ""skin"" for more realistic self-defense training. BOB features seven height adjustments from 60 inches to 78 inches tall. BOB can be used with or without gloves, and is ideal for punching and strikes. Made for home use. Also look for the BOB XL, which has a longer torso for more training possibilities, including kicks. See the sizing chart link below for bag comparisons. Weight: Approx. 250 lbs. when filled with water

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