If your gym offers a cardio boxing or kickboxing group fitness class, you’ve probably already thought about selling gloves. Now, you’ve made the call: you’re going to keep up with your competition, make extra revenue for your gym, and provide a valuable service to your members. However, you know that you can’t just throw gloves onto your sales floor and wait for them to sell.

Big retail events, like a book release by a popular author or a store bringing in a new high-end ice cream brand, never come unannounced. Don’t let gloves appear in your pro shop without fanfare, either! Before you put a single pair of gloves in your pro shop, get your customers excited and ready for the sale!


Start spreading the news.

Ask your program instructors to make in-class announcements that gloves will be available for sale at your gym. Class participants are used to listening to instructors as authority figures, and respect them, so if the instructor is excited to announce it, they’ll be excited to listen.

If your gym has an active presence on social media, use those posts to let followers know that gloves are “Coming Soon!” to your gym. If you don’t use social media, you can hang posters in your group fitness area, at the front desk, and on your front doors. You can also use these posters to inform clients of any special offers you have relating to the gloves. Speaking of deals:

Entice new customers…

If you have members who have been on the fence about joining your cardio boxing or kickboxing group fitness class, a promotional deal may be the encouragement they need. The offer should be something like, “Sign up for six months of Cardio Kickboxing classes and get 10% off a pair of gloves!”

With this deal, you’ve taken someone from considering a fitness program, to paying for a half-year commitment, plus gear! Once they have those gloves, naturally they’ll want to put them to good use. It’s a win-win for their health and for your gym.

woman posing in gym with bags

…And reward existing customers.

Of course, you can’t forget about your loyal members! Maybe they’ve been enrolled in your group fitness class since day one, or maybe they signed up for classes the day before you announced your new-student deal (ouch!). Instead of letting them miss out, give them a special deal of their own.

You can put caveats on this offer, such as: “Come to seven out of 10 Cardio Kickboxing classes in the next two weeks and get 10% off your new pair of gloves!” Most likely, they’re coming to your classes regularly anyway, but “earning” the discount will make them assign a higher value to it.


You’re not done with promotional efforts even once the gloves come in! Make sure you set them up, at least for the first week, at the front of your pro shop. Everyone should be able to see that these are clearly new items. It doesn’t hurt if your gloves themselves feature colorful, eye-popping designs (like Strive Washable Boxing Gloves!).

woman posing in gloves surrounded by bags