Your studio is unique. It has a special something that drew your members to it. Maybe it’s a piece of equipment you have that no one else offers, or your wide selection of weights. Maybe you’re open earlier and later to accommodate more people’s schedules, or your customer service is second-to-none.


Whatever you do, two things are certain: one, that your members appreciate whatever thing it is that you do differently. Two, that you should take pride in your gym’s uniqueness!

Selling custom gear with your gym’s name and logo in your pro shop, and using it in your fitness classes, is a great way to show that pride. Plus it can provide benefits to your gym and even your members!  Here are three key benefits that come from custom gear:


1: It strengthens the sense of community.

Imagine walking into a football game. Of course, you know that the other people in the stands are also there to watch the game. But when you see someone wearing your team’s colors, there is an instant connection. Suddenly, they’re not just another person. They’re someone you have an emotional connection with, because you know that over the next few hours, you will celebrate or commiserate together – even if you know you won’t ever see them outside the stadium.

custom bags and gloves

Customized gear in a group fitness class has the same effect. People will look around to find others who are “like them.” Like the football game attendees, they know that everyone is there for the same purpose: in this case, to work out. So they will look for other commonalities. For example, say you offer a group kickboxing class. The freestanding bags you use feature your studio logo. Your pro shop sells bag gloves and wrist wraps that also feature your logo. Although members do not have to buy gloves from you, you do ask that they wear gloves or wraps to participate in class, since punching bare-knuckles is a recipe for sprains and bruises.

custom bags in gym

When members show up to your class and begin to put on gloves, they will look around to see who is wearing logoed gloves. Who is also there to cheer for your “team” – the studio?


2: Customized items have a higher perceived (and actual) value.

custom bags

There’s a reason that name-brand items have a higher price tag: they’re recognizable. A bag of Starbucks coffee beans will sell for more than the generic brand at your local grocery store. Because Starbucks is such a recognizable brand, people are willing to pay more for it.

This absolutely does not mean that you can take the cheapest, bottom-of-the-barrel products out there, slap your logo on them, and expect your customers to pay a premium.

custom bags and training bikes

Think of your logo as icing on the cake: you were already offering a great product, but you went an extra step to make it even better. Start with something that already has great benefits. As long as you continue only putting your logo on high-quality items, people will associate your brand with that quality!

3: It gives you and your studio professional appearance.

Students in gloves hitting custom bags

Putting your logo on your gear is the equivalent of putting your signature on a contract or check. It’s your guarantee that you stand by the quality of your gear, enough that you’re willing to put your name on it.

You don’t have to put your logo on every single jump rope and five-pound dumbbell. However, most of your large equipment should be logoed – especially in your group fitness classes!

custom bags

For example, if you offer a cardio kickboxing class that has participants work on freestanding punching bags, your logo should be on each bag. And since people will need to wear bag gloves to train, you need to carry logoed gloves in your pro shop! By adding your logo to this gear, you’re showing that you are an authority on the subject and this fitness class.

You’ve worked hard to make your gym unique – make sure you’re showing it off! Century Kickboxing offers customization services on the gear that you need to hold awesome group fitness classes and ramp up member participation and excitement!

Custom hanging bags

We’re happy to work with you as you continue to share the benefits of fitness. For more information on Century custom services, give us a call at (800) 626-2787. And be sure to check out our main site at www.CenturyKickboxing.com!