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After we made the BOB XL, we thought we were done improving on BOB. Boy were we wrong. Week after week, we had to turn away crowds of martial artists who would show up at our company headquarter doors. “Give BOB arms! Give BOB arms!” they chanted.
We held out as long as possible, on the grounds that we don’t easily succumb to peer pressure. But eventually we realized that they had a pretty good idea, so we went ahead. And thus was born the Versys VS. BOB.

Combining the best-of-the-best features from both the Versys and BOB lines, VS. BOB is one of the most versatile bags on the market. Although you can’t see it under the black vinyl cover, there is a full BOB torso within this bag for striking training, as well as the classic BOB face for practicing eye gouges, throat and neck strikes, and more self-defense techniques. The arms, which are filled with a soft padding, can be used for trapping (common in wing chun and jeet kune do), as well as bobbing and weaving, parrying, and other moves that involve working around an opponent’s arms.

Moving down: VS. BOB stands tall on three dense foam legs. This tripod stance allows users to work on inside and outside leg kicks, attacks on the knees, and groin shots. For this reason, the VS. BOB is intensely popular within self-defense and tactical arts, such as krav maga and jeet kune do.

Although the foam in his legs is sturdy, what really keeps the VS BOB upright is what’s between them… no, lower. The three sections that form a triangle connecting his feet are sand weights. Each section weighs slightly over 36 lbs., for a total weight of 110 lbs. VS BOB stands 69” tall. 46 of those inches are in his legs; the rest is torso and head (18” – keep in mind, although his legs are 46” long, they extend out at angles so not all that length translates to height).

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