PFL Official MMA Fight Glove

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The Professional Fight League is the fastest growing mixed martial arts promotion in North America. And the PFL has its standards. The word “professional” comes loaded with concepts integral to competition: determination, drive, and durability to name a few. The willingness to fight and push past limits. And these fighters hold their equipment to the same standard. The PFL Official MMA Fight Gloves are professional grade by every measurement.

Full-grain, premium leather provides the durability every fighter needs. Classic, open-palm and open-thumb design offers optimal flexibility and grappling dexterity. The inner lining is designed to keep hands dry while the outer layers of stacked foam enhances impact absorption. And, holding the gloves firm, the dual-lock wrist straps give the support needed for the high-speed, high-impact training and combat the best of competition has to offer. Complete, professional-grade composition Clean PFL design.

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