Custom Traditional Heavy Bag

The perfect training bag for combat sports practitioners, nothing beats a traditional heavy bag (other than you, of course). Speak with our specialists and ask about the customization options! Take the extra step to finalize your professional look. Great equipment is needed for any quality gym, but fully branded gear drives that experience home. Nothing adds that finishing touch of credibility and professionalism like trusting your name, logo, and image to customized equipment.Advertise your setup, create/fulfill a brand identity, and put your name/logo to the test.

This bag is constructed of a durable black vinyl shell, heavy-duty chains, web straps, and filled with fibers.

70 lbs. – 13" Diameter x 40" Tall

100 lbs. - 13" Diameter x 42" Tall

A quick way calculate what heavy bag is best for you is take your weight, divide by two, and round up to the nearest heavy bag weight.

Oversized shipping rates apply

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Custom Traditional Heavy Bag