Bruce Lee Wavemaster

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Who doesn’t know about Bruce Lee? His influence has permeated our culture, even outside of martial arts. It wasn’t always so, and never would have been had the modern master lacked the courage of his convictions. Bruce Lee was never afraid of running counter to the martial arts culture. He wasn’t afraid to make waves. He was an innovator.

Century shares in his vision and has always strived to be a source of innovation in our own right. The Wavemaster has been a prime example of this endeavor for years. Unlike the traditional heavy bag, the Wavemaster adapts to its environment. It is at home in both a gym or a living room. It moves where you need it to go and will fit any scenario. Like water. Sound familiar?

Century is proud to have partnered with the Bruce Lee Family Company, headed by the daughter of the Dragon himself, Shannon Lee, in creating a brand new line of Bruce Lee inspired items to represent the shared philosophy of innovation and adaptation. Don’t be afraid to make waves
Weight: Approx. 250 lbs. when filled with water

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