Brave IV Curved Muay Thai Pad

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Brave gear is designed to cover all the necessary requirements for all levels of progress. From first-day training to a pre-championship workout, Century has you covered. You just need to get to work. And nothing beats partner training; Brave offers the time-tested tools for just that.

Once you’ve got your partner, the durable Brave Curved Muay Thai Pad is ready to take the hits. Muay Thai is not for the timid. It is a brutal sport and art. Fortunately, the Muay Thai Pads in the Brave line are specifically designed to withstand the most devastating elbow/knee strikes, and the pad’s tight strap secures easily; a steel ring on the brace doubles down on the security while being flexible enough to ensure your partner’s strikes stay on target.

The grab tab makes adjusting the strap as easy as it gets. All you have to do is get to work. Be brave, work hard, and fight well.

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