CREED 100 lb. Foam Lined Heavy Bag

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You want a premium workout experience.

So what makes a workout a premium one? It’s a well-kept secret, available only to the dedicated.

Premium lasts. Premium stays with you while you perfect your training and hone your skills. Without the work and the time, all gear is ineffective.

You are the deciding factor. Your dedication gives the premium experience its value.

That is why Creed is designed to last. Creed is quality. Creed is integrity. Creed is dedication.

The Creed Heavy Bag offers a premium workout experience and is made to last. This 100 lb. bag features ultra-durable vinyl, a lace-closure top, and reinforced nylon hanging straps attached with leather tabs and reinforced stitching; all this encompassing a secondary layer of reinforced performance foam over a sandbag core.

This is as good as it gets for heavy bag training. All that’s left is for you to bring the dedication and do the work.

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