The type of bag you need depends on what kind of fitness program you intend on offering. Some will work for multiple programs; others are best when used with one specific program.

If you already have bags in your gym for exercise, but no fitness program to go with them, don’t worry – no matter what kind of bag you have, there are programs that can use it.

However, if you plan on starting a new fitness class, knowing which bags are best for the kind of class you want to add is invaluable. Ending up with the wrong kind of bags will make your classes less effective at best. And if your bag selection is totally at odds with your class, you simply won’t have a class.

This quick guide will give you an idea of what bags to look for, based on what fitness class you plan to offer. 


Born out of the need for gyms to be able to maximize and rearrange floor space, the Wavemaster line revolutionized freestanding bags. Great for punching and kicking, this versatile can be moved on demand to fit your gym needs. The Wavemaster line of products can be customized with your logo or brand.

There are several Wavemaster bags, all of which share the same basic structure, with modifications to make them better suited for specific classes. Wavemaster freestanding bags include:

Wavemaster 2XL Pro: Your best bet if you plan on offering a cardio kickboxing class. These large, durable bags were originally designed for heavy martial arts training. Not only will they last throughout years of punishment, they can handle up to two people using one at the same time. It’s almost impossible to be ‘too hard’ on them. Throw combos with all types of kicks, like front push kicks, sidekicks, and roundhouse kicks, as well as knees.

Powerline Wavemaster: These Wavemasters are shorter, but just as stocky, as the 2XL Pro. It has seven height adjustments, and can stand as short as 47” or as tall as 68”. The only downside to the Powerline, compared to the 2XL, is that it has a shorter striking area. If your class is cardio boxing, with punches only, this will not be a problem. But if you use these bags for cardio kickboxing, you may find some less-flexible participants have a hard time getting the bag to a height that is low enough to kick but high enough to punch. However, they’re great for punching combos!


Two of Century’s newest bags, the Torrent T1 and T2 Pro bags, were designed to work with both martial arts and fitness curricula. Both feature a two-part stem for a better flex and feel when punching or kicking. The base of the bags was designed to be able to be rolled either way without loosening, making them great for quick relocation after class.

Torrent T1: The smaller T1 is perfect for all sorts of fitness classes! It’s full-length bag can be used by two people at once if you stick to punching, but only by a single user throwing kicks. Powerful kickers may fight it a little undersize, but it’s ideal for cardio!

Torrent T2 Pro The T2 Pro could be shared between two alternating kickers, so it’s great for cardio kickboxing classes. Of course, you can throw punching combos on it as well.


The world’s most famous punching pal, BOB (Body Opponent Bag) has been known to show up in movies and sitcoms (most recently, the Versys VS. BOB appeared on the Late Show with Conan O’Brien) taking some punishing shots from. BOB XL features the same design, with an extended torso. This version of BOB is also what you’ll want if you are planning on using it in a commercial setting. BOB XL is built to take the punishment day after day, class after class.

BOB and BOB XL both feature a humanoid shape, so they’re great for improving your class members’ aim and accuracy. Both are height adjustable, and can be used for kicking and punching. However, the lower part of these bags (the base and stem) should not be kicked.

Versys VS. BOB is a better option if you want your students to be able to kick low. It stands on three foam legs, connected and weighted with sand-filled tubes. Unlike the other two, the VS. BOB has arms, which are great for self-defense classes, but may get in the way during cardio classes.

There are a few caveats you should consider before choosing any BOB bag. The backs of BOB bags aren’t intended for striking, so participants won’t be able to rotate around the bag. However, if you plan on offering a self-defense class, or emphasizing the self-defense aspect of your cardio boxing/kickboxing classes, a BOB is a perfect bag.

 Heavy Hanging Bags:

Whether or not you go with hanging bags depends more on your space than the type of class you plan to offer. If you have a room to devote to a cardio boxing or kickboxing program, and don’t plan on moving or changing the program (or at least, not for a very long time), you might consider heavy hanging bags.

We offer a variety of sizes, weights and materials to fit your fitness needs:

Muay Thai BagThis 100 lb. bag was designed for one of the toughest martial arts out there, this heavy bag features a long (72.5”), slender shape to accommodate low and high kicks. Be sure your participants know that gloves are a must (as with all striking classes), and to be careful about building up their kicking power gradually.

Traditional Heavy Bags: Shorter (only 40” or 42”) and stouter than the Muay Thai Bag, the Traditional Bag is still great for kicking and striking. It’s available in 70 or 100 lb. weights. That might sound like a lot, but if your class will be kicking, you will want the heavier bags to prevent them from swinging so much.

Cage Fitness Bags

Maybe you’ve decided to go another route with your bag-based fitness class – instead of stand-up striking and kicking, you’ve decided to get licensed to offer a Cage Fitness class. 

Cage Fitness squeezes an action-packed, blood pumping, exciting workout into 30 minutes. The format mimics a professional MMA title fight, where intense five-minute rounds are followed by a one-minute rest period, and repeated five times. This high-intensity training regimen utilizes a unique bag that allows for a wide variety of exercise and fitness techniques.

If you offer a Cage Fitness class, you’ll want both 25 and 40 lb. Cage Fitness Bags to allow participants to select which weight works better for them. These unique bags are great for ground-and-pound, and feature nine handles so that they can be used for different lifts, drags, and carries.


These are some of the most popular bags for fitness programs – however, if you’d like to explore more options, you can always give our customer support a call at (800) 626-2787 for one-on-one help.