Century is the world’s leading supplier of martial arts training gear.  For over 40 years we’ve helped thousands of gyms, studios, and pro shops by providing commercial grade equipment such as freestanding bags, heavy bags, mitts, bag gloves, and fitness accessories.

What is the Century Wholesale Program?

Century’s wholesale program is designed to offer more than just equipment at a discounted price. This program was constructed to help you as the gym/studio owner, program director, or equipment dealer take all the guess work out of selecting the best equipment for your space or clients.

If your goal is to start a profitable program with the lowest investment possible or you are looking to resell high-quality equipment to add revenue to your bottom line, we have created this wholesale program specifically for you! 

What Are the Benefits of a Century Wholesale Account?

  • Receive confidential wholesale pricing (up to 50% off)
  • Access to our massive inventory (11,000+ SKUs) for all your boxing & kickboxing needs
  • Volume discounts that can take up to an additional 15% off certain items
  • A personal account representative to assist with every step, from adding a few bags to your circuit all the way to fully equipping a new kickboxing or boxing class for your members.
  • Access to customized equipment branded with your logo

How Can I Qualify For a Wholesale Account?

  • Be a gym owner, program director or equipment dealer
  • An approved legal document such as your sales tax ID or resale license
  • An approved marketing document such as a business card or advertisement

Note: Instructors and trainers may qualify with approved documents, just fill out the wholesale application as a program director.


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