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COVID may have come as a bit of a shock (understatement of the century), but even more was how quickly wearing a mask to the bank became not only unsurprising, but expected. We had better get used to it! No one expected jeans to be everyday wear, but they quickly overtook slacks as the “standard” pants to wear to the grocery store. Some things are trends, and others just stay because they make sense.
And like a good pair of jeans, there is no reason to wear a mask and look like you just left a hospital. Why not look good while being considerate to your fellow human? Century decided to do their part by making masks when the crisis started, and now that the country is in the swing of things… We decided that we think masks should be cool, too. We all want to feel safe and, more importantly, make others as safe as we can manage. There is a reason why all cultures toast in some way to health and happiness. We all want the best for everyone.
But we also want to look good doing it.

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