Ghost Edition Wavemaster Bundle

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A good workout can be elusive. Disappearing the moment you look away at some other interest
in your schedule. Or your phone… It's almost surreal.

In this digital age, more seems to get done than ever before. With simply a tap on a tablet,
orders can get placed; entire errands solved with a swipe. All of our empty time (what used to
be for quiet contemplation) has become found time filled with music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Attention is divided and life moves quickly. It can pass you by, even as you’re living it.
People have always gotten lost in their schedules, their work, their errands, their friends and
family, their hardships, their joys. And in a new digital wave, the new way of life, it has only
become easier to cut one activity for another one that’s more efficient. More convenient. For
many people, that's what kills their spirit.

But not you. You make it work. You make the time. The fighting spirit haunts you, and you want
to keep it close. Right there in your home. Where you can keep up the fight.
The Ghost’s clean, ethereal design allows it to fade into your living space until you’re ready to
easily (and conveniently) bring it back into your schedule. The perfect at-home workout lives on
in a new age.

Ethereal design.
Real results.

Size: Bag – 13” diameter x 28” Tall striking surface
Base diameter: 24”

Boxing Glove 
​All white classic boxing glove.​​​
Weight: 12oz

120" Hand Wraps
Hook-and-loop closures and thumb loops.
Material:​ Durable 100% cotton.​​​
Machine Washable

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