Triad Wavemaster 2XL Pro

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Innovators lead and the rest fall in line, and Century has been the leading innovator of heavy bags for decades. And in this modern age, meet the next evolution in freestanding bag training: The Triad 2XL Pro Training Bag. This beast of a bag is more than just a new look and unique shape; this bag is designed specifically to cover multiple angles (ha!) of training. The flat sections function like large body shields or striking pads, and the corners provide focus targets for precision training. Durable vinyl and foam core surround the bag, making it perfect for various striking disciplines, from Muay Thai to Tae Kwon Do. All stages of training are suited to the Triad Freestanding Bag. Beginners will find the flat striking surface easier on the wrist, and seasoned fighters will appreciate the versatility the bag has to offer. The tapered base allows for an unimpeded stance for athletes of all sizes. Take your training to the next level with the new approach to bag design.

  • Flat and curved surfaces
  • 100 lb/270 lb capacity (measured for sand/water fill)
  • Base: 28" Diameter Base Height: 14.25" Total Height 67" Tall
  • Uses the same base as the 10177BKK 2XL Pro Wavemaster
  • USA/Imported.

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