Step away from the flashing lights and electronic blaring of the Las Vegas Strip, and you’ll find where the real action is going down: at Evolve Kickboxing & Fitness! This boutique fitness studio offers classes seven days a week, both indoors and outdoors, as well as virtual sessions for those working out from home. Clients rave about the passionate coaches and sweat-dripping, heart-pounding workouts that have made Evolve a to-go destination for kickboxing fitness.  

The Evolve family, patrons and coaches alike, also love the community that Evolve has created. The “regulars” are on a first-name basis, and newcomers always get a warm welcome.

For Candace, the owner and coach, branding played a key role in establishing that community. Creating a strong identity was key – something that customize Century products allowed them to do.  

“Part of having our own identity is being able to brand things the way that we would like, with our design and our intent. Century was great with working with us to get our logo, our vision, on the bag.” 

~ Candace, Owner and Coach at EVOLVE Kickboxing & Fitness in Las Vegas 

Woman posing by freestanding custom bag