Century's Program Pick: FightFit Fitness

boxing kickboxing program Oct 23, 2019

Using innovation to combine things has lead to some spectacular discoveries (plant seeds plus hot water… hello coffee!), and exercise is no exception! Jason Watson looked around his gym and asked himself what he could do with Wavemaster heavy bags, plus his knowledge of fitness programs, plus his multiple martial arts black belts. What he came up with was the FightFit Fitness program!



How did your martial arts background play a role in creating FightFit?

I have run a...


Century's Program Pick: Boxing & Barbells

boxing program Oct 09, 2019

What do you get when you combine the experience of a competitive boxer and an competitive body builder and put it in a gym where all members of the public can benefit? That would be Boxing & Barbells! If you want some killer cardio exercise with authentic boxing techniques, while getting your weightlifting workout in, Boxing and Barbells was made for you. We got to talk with co-creator Cary Williams (the boxing half of the equation) and find out just how this unique training form came to...


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