Starting a Fitness Program When You’re Overweight

fitness health Oct 30, 2019


Building muscle and increasing your endurance is a challenging proposition for anyone, but it can be particularly difficult if you’re overweight. Whether you’re carrying just a few extra pounds or ready to take the first steps on a path to serious weight loss, getting fit and losing weight can be difficult. Here are some ways to discover the best exercise for you and take charge of your workout routine*.


Know What You’re In It For

There are countless reasons to...


Motivate Your Group Fitness Members by Unlocking Their "Why"

health motivation Jun 19, 2019


When it comes to workout motivation, no one’s perfect. Although you tell your members to give 100% of their effort during 100% of their workouts, realistically, you know that won’t happen. People have “off” days, where they’re physically or mentally unable to put maximum effort into their training. And that’s okay, as long as you know that they’re trying!

But what about when you see members stop trying?

Sure, they come to classes –...


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