Bring These Top Fitness Trends to Your Gym!


Looking for a new group fitness class to bring to your gym? Whether you’re launching the first program of its kind, or introducing a new program to your agenda to add variety, you definitely want to make sure you class is one people will be lining up for!

One of the biggest trends in group fitness right now is martial arts fitness. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you need to start worrying about your members punching each other! Martial arts fitness simply...


Motivate Your Group Fitness Members by Unlocking Their "Why"

health motivation Jun 19, 2019


When it comes to workout motivation, no one’s perfect. Although you tell your members to give 100% of their effort during 100% of their workouts, realistically, you know that won’t happen. People have “off” days, where they’re physically or mentally unable to put maximum effort into their training. And that’s okay, as long as you know that they’re trying!

But what about when you see members stop trying?

Sure, they come to classes –...


5 Misconceptions About Kickboxing

boxing gym owner kickboxing Jun 12, 2019

As a gym owner, you’re responsible for your members, employees, and overseeing the programs. You’re the captain of your ship, so to speak, and it’s your job to keep everyone afloat!

So when you hear of new ideas and new programs for your gym, like kickboxing and boxing, it’s understandable that you would want to weigh all your options before committing. But sometimes, making the wrong decision isn’t the result of action, but inaction. Waiting too long to...

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