The Real Meaning of "Healthy"

fitness personal trainer Jul 01, 2020

By Gail Gensler


Being healthy isn’t just a trend - it’s a lifestyle. So why are we always looking on social media to find the perfect picture of health?


It is important to remember that everyone has different ideas about what it means to be “healthy.” Everyone is unique, and therefore everyone’s journey to being healthy will be different. Many times, we forget to look beyond the physical aspect of health - the side that we see all over social media. Our health, and the way we choose to achieve our health goals, is so much more than just looking like the Instagram models who populate our feeds.

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For me, health is directly tied to fitness. Fitness is not only about LOOKING good - it’s about feeling good, mentally and emotionally. Staying fit has so many benefits that can’t be captured on camera. From my experience, here are a few:


  1. Staying fit keeps me in a routine. A routine helps me to feel productive and accomplished, knowing that I have a goal to work towards every time I begin a workout.


  1. Working out produces those happy endorphins that lower my stress and anxiety, leaving me in a positive mood.
                               Gensler (right) and celebrity fitness trainer Tony Thomas                                                                                                 (@tonythomassports).
  1. Constant exercise helps me to control my body weight at a healthy level for my age and body type (again, remember that everyone’s body is unique and has different needs!).


Each one of you reading this may have your own positive experiences that you associate with your fitness routine. I’d love to hear about how you feel fitness has an impact on your lifestyle - comment below on this blog post or reach out to me on Instagram!





Gail Gensler is a fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur and influencer based in Florida. She is passionate about sharing her love of fitness, and the benefits of exercise, with all audiences!  You can see more on her Instagram, @boxingprincess22.



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