How to Hold a Partner Training Group Fitness Class

group fitness May 13, 2020

By Nick Weinbrenner


Looking for an exciting, new way to promote your fitness classes and bring new people into your gym? A growing trend in gyms and studios is group fitness classes. Discover how you can help people leverage the power of group fitness to hit new milestones and keep up their personal fitness.


The Benefits of Group Fitness

Unlike personal fitness challenges, group fitness allows your gym members to keep each other accountable. Personal trainers are great for keeping everyone focused on results, but pairing up your gym members in class can achieve similar results. Here are just a few ways that your members can benefit from partner training:

  • Improved confidence
  • Greater levels of accountability
  • More positive classes
  • Increased calorie burning
  • Improved results

If you’re ready to bring in a new fitness class, here are a few ways to get started. While you can offer the same workouts as your other fitness classes for a group session, you’ll get more out of it if you switch things up and offer a brand-new workout schedule for your new partner class.


Create a Workout

The first thing you need to do to get started with group fitness classes is to create a workout. While you probably already have loads of workouts to choose from, partner training requires a few specifics that need to be scheduled into your workout schedule.


Partner workouts need a natural way for partners to switch it up in between reps. It also helps both partners stay in the zone if you have activities that require more spotting and paired activities. One of the best options for a group fitness class is boxing or kickboxing. Not only are these classes hot right now,  they offer easy opportunities for partner training plus a ton of fun and health benefits!


One common option is using Thai pads for boxing combos.


Invite Some Partners

There are two ways you can host a partner training session. First, you ask partners to signup together. This ensures that you’ll have an even number of members and that each member is comfortable with their partner.

Another option that many studios use is to invite individuals and pair them up during the session. This tactic encourages more individuals to come to your classes and find a workout partner. If they find a partner they connect with, you’ll have improved attendance for further classes. When you invite single members to pair up at your classes, you can use personal trainers to even out the number.


However, asking individuals to partner up for one event could leave them uncomfortable and hold them back from their full potential. If you find that your individuals aren’t getting the most out of fitness groups, consider switching partners throughout the class.


Grab the Right Gear

Remember to grab the gear you need to keep your pairs working out. An obvious piece of gear is Thai pads. A class centered around these can keep both partners burning calories and staying involved. Consider other ways that two members can spot each other and utilize gear to work out more effectively.


Another gear consideration would be additional gear and gloves. Group fitness allows your dedicated members to bring friends who may not be experienced with your classes or workouts. For new pairs or new individuals, consider how you can help encourage them to become new members who come back for more team fitness and solo classes.


Switch Things Up

Because your group fitness classes may have a balance of experienced and new members, you need a way to keep things engaging. Create a workout program that is effective for a wide range of experience levels. Remember to also schedule a natural switching interval for your pairs. Some pairs will be equally matched, while others will be uneven.


A great way to improve your fitness group program is to alternate reps. From kickboxing to push-ups, have one person performing your reps while another spots. Spotting is a balance of rest and still staying engaged, so it can help burn more calories throughout the class.


Keep It Fun

Finally, group fitness should be fun. Pairing up and starting a workout is an exciting way to provide your members with a way to learn new skills, improve their accountability and make new friends. Whether you offer classes based on your most popular workouts or create a brand-new workout for your pairs, you can help bring in new members and increase the success of your current classes through this popular workout strategy.


If you want more information or help with getting the right gear for your class, feel free to email me: [email protected]!


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