Bring These Top Fitness Trends to Your Gym!


Looking for a new group fitness class to bring to your gym? Whether you’re launching the first program of its kind, or introducing a new program to your agenda to add variety, you definitely want to make sure you class is one people will be lining up for!

One of the biggest trends in group fitness right now is martial arts fitness. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you need to start worrying about your members punching each other! Martial arts fitness simply borrows some of the fantastically effective elements from traditional martial arts training and incorporates them into fitness routines, while removing the actual “fighting” elements.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some ready-made martial arts fitness programs you can bring to your gym!


Cage Fitness

You don’t need to install an actual cage in your gym to start a Cage Fitness class – just some gloves and ground-and-pound Cage Fitness dummies! This high-intensity workout is perfect for members to burn off their frustrations by punching and kneeing a bag (and doing other bodyweight exercises), while burning fat and developing muscle tone worthy of the Octagon!

One of the best parts of Cage Fitness? Each workout session is only 30 minutes. It’s broken down into five five-minute rounds, each with a minute of rest in between. This makes it perfect for your gym-goers with busy schedules, and means you probably have the capacity of offer multiple Cage Fitness classes throughout the day for maximum attendance.

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Jung Shin

Want something that really stands out and appeals to the more adventurous fitness crowd? Try Jung Shin sword-based fitness! The swords the workout uses are wooden: they’re not going to cut an exerciser or poke a hole through your floor. They are, however, heavy enough that participants will definitely feel their arms burning by the end of the workout! Combined with lunges, squats, and other dynamic movements, Jung Shin is a recipe for total-body toning!

Part of the secret of Jung Shin’s effectiveness is something called Directional Momentum Training, or DMT. In workouts, the sword is used as an extension of the body, engaging multiple muscle groups at once.

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Rock Steady Boxing

Want to jump on the martial-arts-for-fitness trend and do something amazing to help fight a crippling disease? Join with Rock Steady Boxing in the fight against Parkinson’s! Rock Steady Boxing and its affiliate gyms offer boxing fitness classes to individuals afflicted by Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative disorder that causes an individual’s motor skills to decay.

There is currently no cure; however, exercise – especially exercise that works balance, coordination, and gross motor movements – can help reduce the symptoms and improve the lives of those with Parkinson’s.  In this case, non-contact boxing is just what the doctor ordered! As an RDB affiliate, you won’t just be helping people get a good workout, you’ll be helping them fight back against a disease affects more than 1,000,000 Americans.

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FightFit is a fun, high-intensity workout program based around boxing training. In each session, your members will get the empowering experience of striking a heavy bag, along with body weight and weighted exercises. This is a great class to hold in a group fitness area with plentiful windows, or, even better, one that faces a street. There are few things more impressive-looking to passersby than a room full of people striking bags hard and in unison.

When you start a FightFit class, make sure you promote to your members that there’s no actual fighting, and that they don’t need any previous martial arts training to excel! Plus, the program offers over 100 unique workouts and 250 exercises that target every muscle group.

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Do your members want to be in movie-star-good-shape, or professional-athlete-good-shape? Why not give them both? K2XFit is a workout system co-founded by actor/stuntman Alain Moussi, multi-martial-art black belt and star of the 2018 film Kickboxer: Retaliation.

K2XFit comes with a complete turnkey system, including marketing and business systems, making it easy for gyms and studios to implement, even if you’ve never offered a martial arts fitness class, or any group fitness class, ever before. The workouts are a fusion of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, and functional training, in a 30-minute session. Multiple fun workouts with catchy names (Centurion, Spartan, and Viking, to name a few) ensure that your members will never get bored, and will show up to each session excited and energized!

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Get ready to have your members “crushing” their fitness goals with KRUSHBOX! This fusion of cardio kickboxing and cross training is a 60-minute program designed to be the primary fitness program for attendees. Meaning, if the only time they have to work out during the day is your KRUSHBOX class, it’s all they need. This is a great benefit to promote to your members who have busy schedules!

Are many of your gym-goers parents? KRUSHBOX also offers a youth program, KRUSHBOX Kids! If you have the space, you can offer a KRUSHBOX and KRUSHBOX Kids class at the same time. You’ll draw in more participants that way, because you’re solving two problems for the parents (“I can’t leave my kids alone while I work out!” and “My child needs more physical activity!”) at once!

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Martial Fusion

Martial Fusion was founded by lifelong martial artist Guillermo Gomez as a way to bring the benefits of martial arts to individuals from all walks of life and fitness levels. Martial Fusion workout focus not just on physical strength and fitness, but contains elements of balance, meditation, and mental tranquility.

Now, don’t let that trick you into thinking Martial Fusion isn’t also a killer workout – it’ll definitely get your blood pumping! There are five levels of Marital Fusion fitness, based on the belt-ranking system of martial arts. It’s based on hours spent training, giving your members something to look forward to, as well as a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as they progress through the ranks.

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