Benefits of Holding an Outdoor Group Fitness Class

group fitness May 06, 2020

Looking for ways to get members back to your gym and interested in fitness once quarantine ends (or has already ended, in some areas)? Holding an outdoor class might be just what you need!


Whether you hit the nearest park or green area or create your own outdoor workout area, there are many benefits you can expect, both for you and your members.


Create a Community 

Outdoor training promotes community building. This highly visible outdoor activity creates a stronger sense of community in your local area. Individuals are more likely to stop by if they see who attends your courses, how you lead your workout groups and what types of activities are being done.

                                                                      Photo credit: Keren Perez via Unsplash.

Most people like being outside. From warm summer days to cool, crisp autumn evenings, few things are as calming as experiencing the outdoors. Whether you start off your workout outdoors and move into the gym or complete a whole class outside, most members will enjoy this change of pace.


Improve the Workout

Running outdoors is particularly beneficial, but many workouts can improve when you take them outside. Everyone knows the pain of hitting the treadmill too often, so consider taking to the local track or running around the block with your gym members.

                                                                Photo credit Matthew LeJune via Unsplash.

Group fitness outdoors allows members to physically run beside each other and keep up. Unlike treadmills, running outdoors provides instant feedback about who is leading, which can encourage more healthy competition and improved speeds.


Outdoor workouts typically challenge your body in unique ways. When you run or perform other exercises, you’re not doing it on perfectly level ground. Slight inclines, bumps and uneven ground can promote more flexing and unusual muscle use.


Boost Your Members’ Immune System and Heart Health

We all know the great outdoors feels fresher than a building, but science is backing it up. Being out in nature can improve a person’s immune system, mental health and even heart health. By lowering blood pressure and increasing happiness, starting your classes outdoors offers your members a healthier, happier way to get in shape and stay active.


As far as mental health goes, outdoor exercise helps promote a happier outlook on life and on the workout. It tends to promote more conversation among gym members, which improves their social life and overall feelings.

                                                                    Photo credit Ayo Ogunseinde via Unsplash.

A unique workout can also bring in a new set of members. New members can promote more social interactions among your group as well, leading to more positive, loyal customers.


Increase Your Brand Awareness

It’s easy to drive past gyms without realizing the dynamic activities going on. Gyms on busy streets have a particularly difficult time attracting new customers. Break through all the surrounding advertising and similar storefronts by taking things outdoors.


Whether your group fitness class is practicing kickboxing next to your parking lot or doing yoga in your local park, outdoor fitness allows you to create a more visible workout scenario. Anyone driving, walking or jogging by can see your members, your workouts and how much fun everyone’s having. There’s nothing wrong with promoting your brand while also providing a great workout for your members.


Promote Group Fitness

Group activities are a popular way to bring in new members. If your dedicated members have a friend or family member who is considering working out, they’ll likely bring them to your gym during a partner day. Partner classes improve accountability and offer your serious members a new way to take their workout schedule to the next level.


As long as the sun is shining and the temperature is reasonable, outdoor exercise can be a popular way to bring in new members, improve workouts and even promote safer, healthier exercise routines. Start advertising a weekly outdoor fitness class or create a one-time event to see how your members respond. With the right gear and advertising, your gym can enjoy a whole new way to reach your audience and provide industry-leading exercises.


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